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Welcome to our community

Here at St Andrew’s we seek to be an open and growing community. In faith and hope and love. We journey together through the uncertainties of life, holding on to Jesus, and seeking to love others as he loved us. That’s the call. We have much to learn as we move forward together.

You are most welcome to connect with us, and discover more about this amazing journey, to which God invites us all. 

SERVICE TIMES: 9.00am and 10.30am (Zoom links available – join our email list below)

Sunday June 20: The Plan Unpeeled: Presence & Promise. A

Sometimes it seems like all is lost. There’s no way back. Yet there is. This Sunday will be week 3 of our Bible Big Picture series. Our human plight and the power od death over all parts of creation seemed irreversible. Where to from here? This is a brief peeloing back of the Old Testament story, and how that prepares the way for even bigger impact…

You are most welcome to join us:

Our Op Shop is open, 9.00am – 4.00pm, plus Sat mornings and Mondays.

Our market day is cancelled for June 12. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Scripture Readings

Our Scripture readings currently, if you’d like to join us – just pull out a Bible and look up the passages:

Mon 14th: Psalm 118 & 1 Timothy 1
Tues 15th: Psalm 119:1-16 & Ruth 1
Wed 16th: Psalm 119:17-32 & 1 Timothy 2
Thurs 17th: Psalm 119:33-48 & Ruth 2
Fri 18th:Psalm 119: 49-72 & Ruth 3
Sat 19th: Psalm 119:73-96 & Ruth 4

Ways you can connect with us

Small groups are great ways to build friendships and explore what the Bible says. We have a number of groups meeting through the week, including a Zoom group on Wednesday evenings.

Free day old bread available Friday mornings, 9.00am – 10.00am or through the op shop that day.

Youth Connect – for secondary school age – Fridays 4.00-5.00pm, during term.

Please join our regular emails to keep in touch. Just complete the link below.

We’d love to have you connecting with us – no church experience necessary!

God bless you all.

Phil Hurwood (Vicar, St Andrew’s)